Project Proposal

OWU Fresh Foods Proposal


Eating Green At OWU- Project Proposal

What We Plan On Doing:

Myself and Zack Kaminski plan to locate many places on and around the OWU campus where students can purchase fresh foods. This will range from fresh produce (ex. The Farmers Market on Sandusky) to vegetarian and vegan foods (perhaps smaller supermarkets such as Buehlers).  Our results may vary or only be available during certain times because of the seasons, for instance the Farmers market does not occur during the colder months, but also we will have to go by what fruits/veggies are in season. We hope to possibly talk to these local vendors to see if they would be at all interested in accepting the OWU food points, either limited times during the week or all the time. Also would have to discuss this with OWU food point staff. If the OWU food points were declined as a form of payment we also thought of perhaps vendors would be interested in perhaps selling their produce at a “student rate.” Though veggies and fruits are not overwhelmi nly expensive, we are broke college students so any type of discount is always a plus. Also by using our off campus food points or regular food points or having a “student rate” may increase the number of students who go to the farmers market or other small supermarkets around and will hopefully also increase the amount of fresh food intake they receive. For right now, the locations we plan to look at will probably be both within walking distance from the OWU campus but also maybe a little farther afield. This will allow both students with or without cars to explore their options for finding fresh foods.

Once we figure out where and what kinds of healthy foods are available to OWU students we plan on looking at the cooking facilities here on the OWU campus. It’s great if a student can go out and buy just picked corn, but where can they cook that newly purchased corn? Without cooking facilities, we feel that students are even more unlikely to go out and buy any type of food they need to prepare, fresh or not. We plan on going around to all the dorms on campus and exploring how many kitchens there are in each dorm, if any of them have any type of cooking supplies and what other upgrades could be done to make these kitchens more useable to all students. Judging from personal experience, many of the kitchens are not user-friendly, have no cooking supplies and are very old to a point that some things in the kitchen don’t even work. I’d also like to discuss with maybe the RLC of Hayes hall why all the kitchens were taken away from girls who live in that dorm. I know they were having problems with people burning things in the community microwaves and setting off the fire alarms but that’s no reason for the entire kitchen to be closed to everyone else who may want to actually cook, not just burn things in the microwave. Once we have gathered this information on what we see needs improvements in the dorm kitchens, we will plan a meeting with someone in perhaps the housing office, Wendy Piper? to discuss why more is not being provided in these kitchens and what can be done to make these kitchen more useable to students who want to use them.

Lastly, after looking over the Eating Green OWU cookbook I think that myself as well as Zack could look for some more healthy, easy recipes to add to the book but also possibly explore putting a copy of the cookbook in the kitchens around campus, along with the other proposed upgrades. The end result will hopefully be nicer kitchens with supplies and if a students wants to use these kitchen but doesn’t know what to cook will have the cookbook available to them to look through and then perhaps make a meal from.

Brainstorming Ideas for Eating Green At OWU

Here are some other things that we thought about for our project:

  • How many kitchens are there in campus housing units? One of each floor of each dorm? This is something to consider because in order for student to eat better foods and healthier foods they will most likely have to cook it themselves.
  • Are these kitchens open to the students at all hours? This is important to know because everyone is on there own schedules during the day so it is important to know the hours or if the kitchens even close.
  • Is there pots, pans, and utensils included in the kitchens? If students want to start being healthier and make their own food, they are going to need equipment in order to make their food. If there is none available the students may not be able to cook, they may have to go get there own which would cost the student money, or we could talk to the head of housing or Chartwells to see if Kitchen equipment could be boughten in order to fulfill the needs of students.
  • Talk to Chartwells/ OWU Housing
  • If kitchen equipment needs bought we will need to count the necessary amounts of equipment for the amount of kitchens we have one campus.
  • Talk to OWU about food points and see if we can use them at healthier options such as Buehler’s and other fresh farmers markets.
  • When the farmers markets are open on Saturday Mornings on Sandusky Street, I think it would make sense to have the students use food points somehow, or have the owners possibly have a special for OWU students to save us some money. Also, Chartwell’s could spend some money and buy fresh farm produce from the owners of the market stands.

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